Why This Institute?

The purpose to establish this site is to motivate the people to read the Quran with meaning and to make them realize the need to understand Quran in their own language.

Reading the Quran with meaning provides true understanding of the religion
Reading the Quran with meaning provides true understanding of the religion

This is not our idea to form some kind of group or promote a specific school of thought or make claim to teach the holy Quran. The only motive is that people should realize that without understanding the Quran, they will not be able to understand Islam in its true spirit and consequently may not be able to lead a life in accordance with the commandments ordered by Almighty Allah. This is a simple and straightforward objective of this organization.

The Institute for Studies of the Quran (IFSQ) also envisages developing customized programs to be run at schools and colleagues using modern technology where ever possible in order to create awakening among young generation on the need to understand the Quran.

The Question/Answer series answers the question directly from the ayaats of the Quran. The translation is the exact translation of the ayaat without adding any comments. If the reader wants more insight into the answer, we advise him to look into the Quran directly and develop a habit of referring the Quran and pondering over it.

The Quran Quiz started on this site is also unique in the sense that its questions have been arranged in such a way as to spread the message of the Quran. Most of the quiz on Quran which I have seen in books and other sites talk about statistical information on Quran or it history. However, quiz prepared here tries to cover the message of the Quran. You are asked 25 questions at a time but as you take more attempts you will get new questions. The quiz picks the questions from data base randomly.

We shall be soon starting “Islamic Quiz Competition” and offer attractive prizes to the winner, Insha’Allah.